Dr Poli

About Me:

Dr Poli is an experienced dental surgeon specialising in the field of dental implants and restoration of missing teeth. He has nearly 5,000 cases of difficult implants and severe bite reconstruction surgery. He has successfully restored dental function to patients with a level of comfort and treatment that is often unattainable. Dr Poli is proficient in a range of surgical procedures including Guided Bone Dust Filling / Bone Grafting (GBR), Maxillary Sinus Lift Surgery, Soft Tissue Grafting, and Reconstructive Restorations for Full Mouth Missing Teeth. Dr Poli provides high-end solutions for complex and aesthetically demanding cases and is committed to achieving the highest quality of restorative solutions for all of his patients. patients to achieve the highest quality restorative solutions. Dr Poli focuses on accuracy in his work and is passionate about heavy restorations of missing teeth such as total tooth loss and severe bone loss deficiencies. Dr Poli is also a regular x-academic promoter of the subject of implant and grafting surgery on a state and international level, and regularly provides courses and mentoring to dentists.